January ushers in the Wolf Moon. The first full moon of the year. It rose on the 17th of this month lighting up the night sky like an incoming comet. I known it has arrived when our  lab — “Clo” — howls and barks at it for most of the night. She sits by the large window of our small back porch, staring up into the moonlit winter night sky — appearing as if possessed by the inexplicable. No different than when we are walking in the woods and she decides to suddenly tree some evasive varmint. Initially, there is no calling her off. She, like all dogs, is a descendant of the wolf. They simply sense things we don’t.

Often I will walk to the farm office under the light of the Moon with Clo following close. She’s getting up there in age now; so we take our time. The air is cold and clean in January, and there is no scent this hound does not pick up along the way.

We walk slow and steady in the passing moonlight under the shadows of the pines. The smell of an approaching early morning snow is in the air. We both sense it. There is no need to hurry. The allotment of Wolf Moons in our lives was already decided long ago. Eventually, alpha and omega will arrive at where it is we are going. 

Eat a Peach.