Summer has arrived and our warm season crops are coming along really well. We have a beautiful crop of cherry tomatoes: “Sun Gold” — “Sweet 100’s” — “Indigo”, along with plum that are ripening as you read. All together make an incredible base for a summer Pico de gallo. Our snap beans as well are a great compliment to any dish: “Amethyst” purple — “Rocdor” yellow — “Jade” green are sweet tender beans that melt in your mouth. “Rainbow” carrots continue to be prolific and we still have an abundance of tender mix baby beets. Both great for roasting. The hardneck garlic crop is in “Spanish Roja — “Killarney Red” — “Penasco Blue”. These are Rocambole varieties and are considered the crene de crene of culinary garlic. Dice a clove — mix with olive oil — a pinch of sea salt and drizzle on our Super Sweet “Allure” Bi-color corn and we are talking Nirvana. To cool things down try our “Diva” cucumber. They are simply incredible in a cold cucumber soup with a touch of dill and our fresh mint. We have this soup at the end of work after being in the heat all day and it simply sets you free.

We have so many exciting things happening at Blue Sky Farms this summer. Please delve further and stay tuned to our ever changing items available at our online store. We are changing up our produce boxes (adding Tuesdays and Wednesdays and extending pick up times Monday thru Friday) as the season moves along so as to provide you with the best culinary experience possible this summer. Wishing you all a Happy Fourth Of July and a safe month ahead.

Eat a Peach.