October has allowed us to once again open our windows—Breathing into our homes a beautiful beginning to fall. Cool sunny days and cooler starlit nights are hard to beat.

Warm season, summer loving crops start shedding their leaves this time of year. The hedgerows of soft hardwood trees and honeysuckle still remain green, but  there is something bright red and quite warm in one of our garden beds.

We have an area we refer to as our “seed garden”. Plants are placed here that we wish to gather seed from for the next growing season. One stand out this year is our Espelette pepper named for the Basque commune in south—western France from where it originated.

We acquired a few of our initial seed from a chef some years ago who was interested in making and bottling hot sauce. So for the last several years we have been acclimating this wonderful plant.

It has taken a while to adjust, but this particular pepper plant has now settled in at its new home. This years seed crop will provide more than enough seed for next year’s crop, and perhaps even enough peppers to start bottling some hot sauce too.

Eat a Peach.