We began the month of April with a late hard freeze. Temperatures bottoming out on the 3rd of April around 27–28 degrees F. This does not happen often. Last low on this particular date was a very long time ago, and has occurred in the NC Piedmont maybe twice in the last 100 years. Fortunately our cold weather spring plantings held up well. There was some slight freeze burn here and there, but overall everything seems to have come out of it well. Buds are busting on the trees now, and flowers are coming in to bloom. You can hear the birds singing in earnest like a southern church choir — where Easter pastel colored flowers on the inside of the church have the smell of spring’s sweet perfume. Bluebirds are nesting. Pollinators are pollinating and  my wife, AnLe, saw her first hummingbird of the year — Easter Sunday morning. It’s Interesting how the revival of spring comes to each of us in so many profound different ways. All of it in various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Happy spring!

Eat a Peach.