The first tropical depression — Elsa — came through on the 8th of this month providing much needed rain. We received around 2 1/2 inches. Since then afternoon rain showers have been consistent, and the usual July daytime temperatures in the 90’s. Now that the days are growing shorter, the grass and weeds are growing faster. Flowers are abundant, and pollinators are a sight to behold, but most of the annual plants, popping up in the fields, are preparing for the next generation by producing or gearing up to produce seeds. And most of these volunteer annuals are not necessarily desirable. They are plants out of place. Better known as a weeds, and some noxious at that. So we hoe and hope.

Now, more than at any time of the year, is not the time to slack off. You must really stay on top of your crop. One early morning a squash flower the next a beautiful squash, but give that same squash just one more day or god forbid two and you have a yellow squash that looks more like one of those turkey legs at the state fair. Or the perfect pint size pickling cucumber missed in the pick and passed its prime that has turned into a home-wrecker standing not even the slightest chance of fitting into a quart size jar. Same with snap beans. One day long, lean and tender the next — big, hollow and tough. 

You just have to brave the heat and  scout your crop consistently and search out those sweet juicy gems hiding behind, hopefully, healthy green leaves.

 All in all not a bad summer so far…

Eat a Peach.