Rain — rain and more rain has been the constant this winter. Early March looks to see the sun shine and not a moment too soon. Working the soil or planting a field when the ground is too wet can destroy a field’s soil structure — leaving a plant’s root system suffocating for lack of air. Regardless if you’re blessed with wonderful topsoil or have turned poor land into a rich growing oasis — soil can be ruined, in a heartbeat, when worked when too wet, or too dry for that matter. To say the least, it’s a delicate balancing act with the spring season’s clock ticking. Our greenhouse is full of spring plantings which will go to the field around early to mid March. It’s an exciting time of year. Nothing like a fresh start and never a dull moment transitioning from winter to spring. We just continue to do the things that work, adjust the things that don’t, but mostly marvel at the things we have no control over as Eddie Hinton sings on the album ‘Letters From Mississippi’, “Like the sun, the moon and the stars up above.” Earth is a never ending mystery.

Eat a Peach.